Our systems of Justice are well aware of attorney bankruptcy fraud
they coined a name for such organized criminality


3rd Circuit remarks Congressional insight of Bankruptcy Organized Crime known as a
Bankruptcy Ring
(see  Congress's remarks on attorneys corrupting bankruptcies in the
case of
In re Arkansas (here) Wall St Journal notes UCLA Law Professor Lynn
LoPucki's report of Bankruptcy Judges Routinely making - illegal rulings
Paul Traub was also a
partners with Ponzi
schemer Tom Petters for
10 yrs
Originally, Polaroid,
UBid and
were listed as
655 Third Ave, NYC (
Law Office)
My Great Web page
Jay Salmen was just handed Sun Country Airlines for Free - WHY?
 Second Fraud Movie
Paul Traub owns UBid, RedTag, Fingerhut with petters - yet they/he are ???
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Marty Lackner actually is the brother of Minnesota Assistant U.S. Attorney J. Lackner and it is a fact that Marty was involved
in Petters Ponzi
. Isn't such dynamics a News worthy subject? Marty was involved in the Petters Fraud case via Greg Bell
Many questions will not get answered due to the fact apropos of Marty's (purported) suicide (here)
I get all this and the POTUS - Too - Hot Damn!
Paul Traub is
Mitt Romney's
/ Bain Capital
(secret) attorney
July 2005 Wall Street
 eToys story on Paul
Traub confessing intentional
fraud & perjury  [
If the
Federal Corruption of
Romney by Colm Connolly
hadn't protected Traub - then
Dreier & Petters frauds would
be smaller.
Federal Receiver/ Trustee - Doug
Kelley - Sued Paul Traub June 2012
Paul Traub is named as "
of Tom Petters Ponzi
Nov. 23, 2012 --
Meet the Man Battling Romney
for 12 years

Romney Benefited of
Racketeering & Corruption

Victim Files Racketeering Lawsuit
Against Romney
Petters Federal Trustee & Reciever (Doug Kelley) alleges correctly that  Paul Traub duplicit in Petters Ponzi Schemes
Star Tribune Paul Traub Story (here) Traub/ Marc Dreier Story (here

Prior to Tom Petters arrest - Paul Traub arranged for his other secret clients  (Bain & Goldman Sachs) to loan Fingerhut $50 million and change the
ownership (
see detailed story [here]). Mitt Romney still gets Millions of dollars per year from Bain Thus Mitt continuously benefits from Bain Frauds
Paul Traub is a Racketeering Partner of Mitt Romney's working for him since (at least) Stage Stores
Romney's MNAT law firm arranged for partner Connolly to be USA
DE & MN Federal System of Justice is hiding the fact that
Tom Petters
= Paul Traub = Mitt Romney
Doug Kelley gets illegal judicial immunity from Judge and willful blindness of US Trustee
Articles, Stories, Webs and
Blogs by others about the
connected case
Too Big to Fail &
Too Big to Jail
U.S. Attorney Colm Connolly
Tom Petters lost his US Supreme Ct Appeal
Also in 1999
MNAT merged
The Learning
Company with
Romney and his
cohorts owned
The Learning
The merger cost
Mattel investors
billions;  while
getting Romney
inside the Toy
Bain Capital wanted to buy eToys for
a few million dollars.

MNAT decided to facilitate Goldman Sachs's cover up its crimes and get Bain
Capital (a
nd its future POTUS wannabe CEO Mitt Romney) the assets of eToys as
cheap as possible. MNAT put eToys in Bankruptcy in Delaware, with a speciously
coy CEO Toby Lenk (
who was then made part of Gap Direct).
Romney is a Racketeering Boss - and Paul Traub is one of his Nitti's
U.S. Att Colm Connolly
Rolling Stone September 2012 Cover
"Greed and Debt"
activist Matt Taibbi
'True Story About Romney & Bain
New York Times March 2013
"Rigging the I.P.O. Game"
April 2012 - Bill Schmaldfeldt for the MD Examineer
"How the [Romney] Grinch Stole eToys"
Oct. 7, 2011- DailyKos Cordgrass via "AlterNet" How to Bring Down Goldman Sachs
(for eToys IPO frauds)
How Laser Haas learned to properly fight Mitt Romney & Gang
Yours truly has Filed a Racketeering Complaint against Mitt Romney & GANG

Dec. 30, 2013 -- Ann Werner for "Liberal Unite" at
SEE this Link for the story of RICO
"Romney Racketeer"
Jeff Baron (pic left ) case has serious precedent potential to harm U.S.

Judge Royal Ferguson (pic right) Resigned from the Bench after pressure
of Baron's case about Judge Ferguson "abuse of discretion" in creating a
federal (enslaving) Receivership (by Peter Vogel) over Jeff Baron.

The Jeff Baron case is about a man who has done no wrong, working the
American Dream - only to have it yanked away by crooked judges.

Even Tom Delay came out from his retirement and has called for the
impeaching of Judge Ferguson (who helped fleeced Baron of millions)

See story links on Judge -
HERE - HERE and Peter Vogel issues HERE
Laser Haas Supports Tom Petters U.S. Supreme Court Petition (here)

Prior to this time, yours truly, going through both Petters daughter and his attorney, has asked why
Tom keeps hands off on the corruption. It now seems that Tom Petters "gets" it - that his only way out
(actually what got him there in the 1st place) is the federal corruption. For there are several major
issues at hand. Including Department of Justice cover ups and Judge Kyle issues of conflicts!

First of all, even the (improper) fed Receiver (Doug Kelley) is on the record that
Paul Traub controlled
Tom Petters
. There's also the issue that Minnesota Assistant United States Attorney (J. Lackner) was
head of the DOJ Crime Division, who also had a brother (Marty Lackner - see at bottom) - who was
involved in the PONZI. Larry (Reservitz) Reynold's laundered $12 Billion, for Traub/Petters Ponzi, while
Larry himself was in the Witness Protection Program (WISTEC).