Petters partners in Crime
Larry Reynolds
Petters co-conspirator
is Released
on $2.5 million bond.
A secretive hearing
transpired Oct 30 2008
Star Tribune Story
here )
Esme Blog WCCO
( here )
NEWS _Nov 6 2008
Court approves [Orders] sale
of Vennes Mansion in FL (
Here )

Frank Vennes agrees Receiver can sell
his Dakota home (
here )
Judge approves Order to sell
Vennes home (
here )
Deanna Coleman Plea Agreement  ( here )
Frank Vennes has not yet been charged with any crimes
or made any plea agreements (that is publicly known)
Yet Mr. Vennes
agreed that the Federal Receiver (Gary Hansen)
could sell complete the sale of Vennes's property and keep the net (
here )
-NEWS -- Petters cohorts and
gals petition for the Receiver
to grant their living expenses
for one that will get your goat
- see Receivers report and
( here )
Frank Vennes issues loom larger now
- while he is out of state and speaking to Palm Beach cohorts and all await their illegal 1099
Meanwhile Larry Reynolds petitions for increases in his living (here) expenses (here)
Memorandum of Law (here) attorney affidavit (here)

Deanna Coleman's hubby gets 1/2 of Bank account Returned (
DK - also puts in note of Receipt $750k on Deanna Coleman Bank account (here)
NEWS - Purportedly Petters - Catain & Coleman are violating their good faith agreements -- Channel 5 MN
broke the story that they were all "
caught" gaining access to monies/valuables - that were not turned over to
the Courts
(here) - Receiver DK report on details ( here ) US Attorney Objects (here) to Petters release
and provides Plea Agreements
 USA Attorney responds to Petters request for Bail by Exhibit with Tape
Recordings and details of Petters assets/ balance Statements (
here) - and Exhibits that include Petters
prior run in with the Law in Colorado
(here) & (here) with the plea agreements of Coleman (here)- White
here) - Catain (here) -  Reynolds (here) and Wehmhoff (here) - Justice Kishel today quashed Ritchie
Capital's Motion to Compel the Receiver DK to report all the facts
whilst the Unsecured Creditors attorney pushes for DK to be the Trustee (here)
The Dept of Justice and ABA state
a Receiver cannot be a Trustee (here) & (here) -
Power, cronyism and corruption - an ardent, overt enemy of US Americans all!