Petters Enable Holdings Listings mentions Paul Traub ( here )  web cache ( here )
The $3 billion dollar Petters ponzi scheme might have never transpired - or at least would have been greatly
diminished if the Dept of Justice had not avoided prosecuting paul Traub - for his being investigatied would
have halted all other acts - Now Traub's other partner - Dreier is arrested for Fraud as well!!!!!
Law Prof White Collar Crime Blog mentions Traub's issues ( here )
Wall Street Journal story on Traub Disgorgement of $750,000 to eToys ( here ) more ( here )
Paul Traub as Creditor attorney in eToys SECRETLY placed in his own partneras CEO of eToys Debtor
Thus = Dept of Justice is BREAKING the LAW protecting Paul Traub from Prosecution
Less than ten (10) days after Motion to Disgorge Traub for $1.6 million Dept of Justice  Attorney - Mark
Kenney - enters Stipulation to Settle - written promise that the DOJ will not question Traub (
here )
Dept of Justice Trial Attorney (Mark Kenney) -- (violating Section 327(a)) 18 USC 3057(a) and
28 USC 586(a)(3)(F) -- illegally stipulates  that Paul Traub can remain silent about
the other crimes he has committed, (but was not yet "
caught" at the time)

"WHEREAS the United States Trustee shall not seek to compel TBF to make additional disclosures"
Dept of Justice refuses to prosecute or investigate Paul Traub or MNAT
Asst US Trustee Frank Perch testified that he forewarned Traub's firm against replacing
key Executives of the eToys estates with anyone connected
(parts 19 & 35 ( here ))
Laser Haas catches Paul Traub red-handed in Perjury/Fraud - Traub admits violations ( here )
Paul Traub confessed to his firm paying Barry Gold four (4) separate payments of $30,000 each prior to
planting him in eToys as President and CEO (Transcript Court deposition pages 60 thru 69 (
here ))
The Federal Court is required to disqualify and disgorge all attorneys who fail to disclose a
conflict of interest ( please see case In re Middleton Arms (
here ) and Dept of Justice web ( here )
Asst US Trustee testified that Traub's failure to disclose was deliberate ( here ) Mr. Perch also
concluded Traub's actions caused material harm and that it was
Fraud upon the Court
Armed with the Immunity Traub & MNAT perpetrates another $100 million Fraud
and the Dept of Justice thru Mark Kenney Obstructs Justice and expunges Haas (
here )
Dept of Justice personnel choose to  Resign and avoid  Traub/ MNAT issues
DOJ dismantles Public Corruption Unit to halt Traub & MNAT investigation ( here )
to alleviate any doubt that something is amiss the USA
Threatened career prosecutors
Dept of Justice replaces Region 3 Trustee (DeAngelis) Dec 22 2004 ( here )
Paul Traub and Barry Gold confess January 25, 2005 that Traub's firm placed him within
here ) and ( here)
Traub & MNAT commit another $100 million in Fraud
Dept of Justice Mark Kenney Covers Up and Obstructs (
here )
Director at Dept of Justice Exec Office US Trustee's Washington D C Resigns ( here )
Speciously & quietly the removed DeAngelis is promoted
to Dept of Justice General Counsel with no press Release until 2008 (
here )
DE Fed Court threatens Haas to be silent
and refuses due process- denying Haas's CLI attorney to speak on very day that DE Fed Court punishes
whistle blower Haas - expunging  $3.7 million claim ( transcript  (
here ) and Order to expunge ( here ))

Court accepts opposite premise from confessed Perjury participants [Giglio doctrine] = who provide
Court with Forged Document
(here) stipulating erroneously that Haas "Waived" his right to be paid!

The Giglio and Brady doctrines' stipulate that once a party is documented to be guilty of Perjury all
further testimony or supplications are not worth a grain of salt.

All those that believe Laser Haas graciously waived $3.7 million after he worked 50 plus hours a week
for nearly a year, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own funds on payroll the DE Federal
Court approved that it would reimburse - please raise your hand to put your money in Traub's Hedge Fund
Haas appeals Judges Order and then DE Bankruptcy Judge Opinion stating no Perjury occurred ( here )

Despite confessions to more than 34 separate acts of False Affidavits  the OPINION approves ILLEGAL
immunity Order for Traub and Judge states the Court refuses to send matter to the US Attorney
Haas discovers that the US Attorney -- Colm F Connolly
was a partner with the MNAT Law firm
( here )
in 2001 (when Fraud and Perjury transpired)
Haas - realizing reporting crimes in DE is futile
refers matter to the US Attorney in CA (
here ) and ( here )
California US Attorney never responds to Haas's complaints
Los Angeles Times Article
states US Attorney Tom O'Brien

Dismantles Public Corruption Unit
Threatens career prosecutors ( here )
Congress & 3rd Circuit warns of attorney Organizations a/k/a Bankruptcy Ring (here)

Paul Traub's fraud was so profuse and irrefutable, he and his partner (Michael Fox) broke up and
Traub merged into Dreier LLP (
here ). Paul Traub was also a partner with Petters.

Traub was forewarned by the Dept of Justice not to replace key personnel of the eToys Debtor
estate - with anyone connected to retained professionals ( parts 19 & 35 (
here ))

So Traub as Creditors counsel and MNAT as eToys Debtor's counsel simply dodge the Dept of
Justice, the Court and everyone else by a Hiring Letter that gave Traub's ( confessed ) paid assoc;
Mr Barry Gold - the ILLEGAL right to circumvent the Code and the Court ( Hiring Letter Exhibit (
here )

If you will take the time to read the Barry Gold Exhibits at the end of his attorney's response it
contains an inducement ( Bribery ) for him to choose (whether or not) to apply to the Court, by
rewarding him with $40,000 per month (for 2 days work every two weeks) and a promise of a
Bonus at the end of the eToys case ( please see Hiring Letter within (
here )?

The Hiring Letter remained hidden for several years, after Traub was warned by the US Trustee not
to violated Section 327(a) and was only [mistakenly] offered as a defense Exhibit.

Asst US Trustee stated within the Disgorge Motion that Traub's actions was deliberate, rather than
inadvertent, that it caused real material adverse harm. It also stipulated that Traub and Barry Gold
had divided loyalties (conflicts of interest) and it concluded that Fraud upon the Court occurred.
The Dept of Justice respond to the confessions of false affidavits and deliberate
deception of the Court, by a premeditated plan to perpetrate Fraud upon the Court
with the Mark Kenney Stipulation to Settle that gave ILLEGAL immunity and a direct
promise that the Dept of Justice [Breaking the Law Section
18 USC 3057(a) and 28
USC 586(a)(3)(F)
- where the DOJ would be willfully blind and permit Traub to remain
silent -( in direct violation of the mandates of
Section 327(a)) - to any other
disclosure items for TBF.

Where TBF, MNAT and Barry Gold immediately put the impunity to the test and went
out committing another $100 million fraud that resulted in the Resignation of the Dept
of Justice Director of the Executive Office of US Trustee's and Mark Kenney
Obstructing Justice by petitioning the Court to expunge Haas and the proofs of
Perjury and Fraud from the KB Toys Bankruptcy case.

The DE Dept of Justice US Attorney was a partner with the MNAT law firm in 2001
(when the Fraud and Perjury transpired) and Colm Connolly has refused to prosecute
or even investigate the MNAT law firm.

The CA US Attorney shut down the Public Corruption Unit after being informed of all
this and then
Threatened career Federal Prosecutors to keep silent and AG Mukasey
said it was just to make the DOJ more efficient.

For all of you who believe the DOJ is more proficient - Please raise your Hand?

The reward this petitioner Haas received for turning down an $800k bribe and
informing the Court of criminal activity was the expunging of $3.7 million in fees and

Just to show you the DE Federal Court is not without its own sense of Humor - MNAT,
Barry Gold and TBF informed the DE Bankruptcy Court that Haas had simply
his right to be paid the $3 million -- out of his own good nature
                           GOOD DAY!!!!
Traub & MNAT received Court approval to Destroy BOOKS n RECORDS ( here )
BTW - bet you cannot guess who the real benefactor of defrauding eToys was (BAIN & ????)
Affidavit of Chairman Creditors in eToys testifying  Paul Traub deceived his  own client( here )
Is it not logical to assume, that had the rogue element within the DE Dept of Justice not abused their
and venerated position to protect Paul Traub's fraud in 2004/2005 - that the $3 billion Fraud need
not occur?
Traub's other partner Dreier released on bail and Arrested again in New York (here)
& Complaint (
here) - If the DOJ had not assisted this Organized ringster - ??????????????
Breaking NEWS   - SEC ChargesTraub's - Dreier with selling false Promissary Notes - (here) & Complaint (here)