Traub originally founded Traub Bonacquist & Yellen
Yellen and his contingency did not like the way Traub did business
Traub with Harold Bonacquist formed Traub Bonacquist & Fox ("TBF")

Paul Traub is connected/works with Bain, Goldman Sachs, WMR, Wells Fargo & More
All of whom benefited from the $300 million Fraud/ 34 Perjuries in eToys federal cases
While DE may do what it wishes - it is Absurd for DE to believe we will lay down for them!
Traub, Barry Gold & MNAT believe they have Get out of Jail Free Cards from Dept of Justice
Marc Dreier and Tom Petters (Traub's Partners') believed the same  -OOPS
t is our quest to halt the crimes related and bring down the Federal Co-Conspirators
Paul Traub 's firm was approved as Creditor's attorney in eToys early in 2001

From inception till late 2002 Paul Traub's firm stipulated that they had NO Conflict of Interest
doing so with more than 14 Rule 2014 Affidavits Under Penalty of Perjury till November 2002

eToys went public in 1999 for a purported $8 Billion (initial $78 per share)
Then eToys filed Bankruptcy March 7, 2001
 (eToys case 01-706 DE)

All the Founders of eToys speciously abandoned the Debtor's estate
Paul Traub, Barry Gold and Ellen Gordon from Xroads LLC
did work extensively hand in hand with Susan Balaschak & Michael Fox of Traub's firm
along with Greg Werkheiser of the MNAT law firm to make my life miserable in eToys.

The DE Bankruptcy Court did approve Collateral Logistic's Inc ("CLI")
working as the Liquidation Consultant for the eToys Debtor
I, Laser Haas, am the sole 100% owner of CLI

The Press reported (
here) eToys was selling all its assets to Bain/KB Toys for $5.4 million

CLI and Laser found millions off shore and helped get back nearly $50 million.

The reason Traub, MNAT, Barry Gold etc., were upset at Laser/CLI
was the fact that they all also worked with Bain/KB, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo

The sale of eToys for tens of millions in discounts to Bain/KB was COLLUSION
After Traub, MNAT & Barry Gold could not harass us out
they decided to do another ploy and scheme us to career's end.

Initially they offered a bribe of $800,000 - that was refused.

Then, several years later, Traub's local counsel, Frederick Rosner began a slur campaign

When CLI's local counsel Henry Heiman emailed a threat from Susan Balaschak
telling Haas to "back off" or not only would pay and career end - other retaliations would be

Haas, having called the DE Dept of Justice (Mark Kenney) many times
began to study the Law on the Dept of Justice US Trustee's website (
here) & (here)

The DOJ Attorney Mark Kenney made a
lapse linquae and mention the Bonus Sales case

Barry Gold and Paul Traub had been testifying since 2001, that they were arms length

Lo and behold, within Bonus Sales was the following Affidavit that had a vanity letter head
stating Paul Traub/Barry Gold Principals while Trustee Objected in Bonus (

Armed with knew knowledge of the BK Code Laser Haas informs the Court in 2004

Dec 22, 2004 - An Emergency hearing Transpires as the Region 3 Trustee is replaced (

Judge Orders responses by January 25, 2005 - where they confessed
(after being caught red-handed by Court docket records)

Then a Feb 1, 2005 hearing Transpires and Court permits depositions
of Paul Traub (
here), Michael Fox (here), Barry Gold (here) and MNAT (here)

The Depositions and Responses gave abundant & additional Confessions
to supplication of false affidavits and deliberately deceiving the Court

This perpetration of Fraud on the Court enabled the ASST US Trustee
to put in a Motion to Disgorge Traub's firm for $1.6 million (

Why we are here is not the fact that we have discovered over 100 felony violations since then

Inexplicably, less than 10 days after the Asst US Trustee Disgorge Motion
the DE Dept of Justice Trial Attorney gave Traub's firm Unlawful, immunity (
best to look at PDF pgs' 8 & 9 the Whereas US Trustee shall not seek to compel TBF

As anyone would figure, Paul Traub, Barry Gold and MNAT immediately set out
to test the bounds of the impunity and promise of DOJ willful blindness

When we discovered another $100 million in fraud in the KB case (DE BK 04-10120)
we reported it to the Court and the Dept of Justice
Where good ole DE Dept of Justice Trial Attorney Mark Kenney
petitioned the Court to Strike & Expunge the proof of Perjury & Fraud (here)

Mark Kenney's excuse to the Court is that it was not our business to point out the Fraud

It is the Biz of the US Trustee to do so - What happens when they choose Not To?
The purpose of this website is to hold Paul Traub Esq.
Culpable for his Organized Criminal Acts in eToys et al
Paul Traub and his criminal co-conspirators of Barry Gold, Frederick Rosner & MNAT firm
did commit acts of Perjury, Fraud, Intimidation of Victim/Witness, Obstruction, Collusion,
of a Felony, Scheme to Fix Fees, Conspiracy, RICO & intentional Fraud on the Court
Of the many specious acts now known to have transpired Traub and his
cohorts (MNAT law firm DE) did successfully receive permission to
Destroy Books n Records early in the case (Docket item 300)
Traub/ MNAT placed Barry Gold in as President/CEO secretly
failing to tell the Court that Traub/Gold were partners
Paul Traub  Confesses

being caught red-handed
via Court docket records on
supplication of more than
17 false affidavits
deposition Feb 9 2005 (
responses (
early proof (
here) &  (here)
& transcript pgs 60 - 69 (
Dec 22 2004 Region 3 UST replaced (here)

Emergency hearing Dec 22 2004
on eToys Perjury Fraud
Transcript UST states
apparent failure to disclose (here)
Traub Confesses in Detail
to paying Barry Gold four (4) separate
payments of $30,000 each

Transcript of March 1, 2005
hearing where Traub is
directly examined by the Court about
planting Barry Gold within eToys without
informing the Court and paying Barry Gold
by Traub's firm  the Conflict of Interest
(pg 60/69 (
United States Trustee Motion
to Disgorge Traub's
firm $1.6 million (

Stipulating the deception
was deliberate - directly by
Paul Traub

That Traub's firm was
FORE - warned not to violate
the Code by a Conflict of
Interest in replacing key
Exec's (part 19 & 35)

It Concludes deliberate
Fraud on the Court
Less than ten (10) days after UST
Disgorge Motion - the DE DOJ Trial
Attorney (Mark Kenney) makes
moot the Disgorge Motion and
gives Paul Traub's firm illicit,
implied, blanket, immunity and the
promise of future willful blindness

See Whereas clauses (
UCLA Law Professor Lynn LoPucki
writes book

Courting Failure"
How Competition for Big Bankruptcy
cases is Corrupting our Courts
Laser Haas Affidavit to AG Holder (here)
Letter to Senator Feinstein letter (
on Previous Administrations DOJ failure to prosecute
Paul Traub
who was a partner to Petters and Dreier
and continues  to commit felony violations --- unimpeded.

Traub was caught by us - red handed - in 2004/2005
supplying 17 False Affidavits
US Trustee prosecution Motion $1.6 million on Fraud upon the Court  (here)

Had he been investigated and prosecuted then
Petters and Dreier would have  mitigated to what degree??????

Paul Traub is attorney for Hilco, Gordon Brothers, Bain entities, Goldman Sachs Co's;  
the DE Dept of Justice gave Paul Traub's firm Unlawful, implied, blanket, immunity February 24, 2005
(see Exh A pgs 8,9 & 10) (here)
Do you expect any less Petters/Dreier - when Traub has a DOJ - Get out of Jail Free Card ?