will explain
how tens
of millions
can get to
a fraudster
Lancelot Ritchie & Other Funds
vested in Petters ventures
"What we love to do and why!"
Lancelot Filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy due to Petters ordeal ( here )
Lancelot Exhibit
pg 5 thereof in - ( here )
outlines the convoluted investing
mannerisms that has parties vested
therein scratching their head
Skybell Funds -- Agile Sky
invested in Lancelot
investment in the Petters ventures
gives the following general statement
( here )
This webmaster made note that the Petters
bankruptcy cases -needs a
Bankruptcy Rule 2004 Examination
that allows an Examiner to fish for Fraud
The Lancelot Bankruptcy case has its own Rule 2004 Exam ( here )