Listing of Cases
in Petters
Petters Company Inc

Petters Group Worldwide
PC Funding LLC
Thousand Lakes LLC
SPF Funding LLC
PL Ltd., Inc.
Edge One LLC
MGC Finance, Inc.
PAC Funding, LLC
Palm Beach Finance
Holdings, Inc.
Petters companies
The FBI petitions the
Minn District Court for a
Temporary Restraining Order ("TRO")
on October 2, 2008
known to be
connected to Petters
not yet mentioned
by the Court

Broadsign International
Business Impact Group
Collegeville Dev Group
Fidelica Microsystems
Element Electronics
Fingerhut Direct
Fingerhut Fulfillment
Infinite Power Solutions
John T Petters Found..
Juice Media Group
Metropolitan Media Group
Petters Aviation
Petters Capital
Petters Global Learning
Petters Media
Petters Marketing
Petters R E Group
Petters Consumer Brand
Petters Warehouse Direct
The MOTION was sought under Title 18 USC
Subsection 1345
- Injunctions against Fraud

The Code is to ONLY  be utilized against persons who
are "
about"  to commit a crime!

While the banter about such applicability remains in
dispute - the fact remains the Court granted said
request and then went way beyond that simple prayer
for relief.

The Petters' assets initially listed in the FBI Motion are
as follows;

Petters Company, Inc ("PCI")

Nationwide International Resources Inc., ("NIR")

Enchanted Family Buying Company ("Enchanted")

Companies that Judge Montgomery approved that
Douglas Kelly could be the Receiver by Court Order
 ( recent affirm of receivership (
here ))

Metro Gem Finance
Petters Group Worldwide
Metro Gem Inc.,
Grace Offerings of Florida
Metro Property Financing
Orlando Rental Pool
100 Pine Street Property
Orange Street Tower
Cornerstone Rental Pool
2 South Orange Avenue
Hope Commons
Metro Gold
Companies known to be Petters related but not yet
mentioned by an "
official" Court Order or seizure;

Petters Warehouse
Enable Holdings
PT Partners
Petters Cyber Warehouse

Speciously, without a finding of Fact of who owns what,
the Receiver is already having a liquidation of the Petters
retail stores.

There was no Court hearing on sales or bankruptcy
decisions, no notice to the known billion dollar harmed
parties, no Motion to appoint a liquidator or auctioneer -
no bidding process - just an "ad hoc" decision to shut
down an asset without a proper endeavor to validate

The Judge and Receiver better hope and pray Petters is
found or pleads guilty - despite the overwhelming
evidence the Verdict is not in yet. Rushing to sell assets
before a Trial has occurred is INSANE!

There is now a 2nd Receiver named on the Court papers
- Mr Gary Hansen      

We will look at the Court docket to see where the Order is
approving of  Mr. Hansen's appointment.
We welcome any
additional information
on other companies that
can be documented for
listing here.

send inquiries or notes to
NEWS - Polaroid Files for
Bankruptcy Protection -
Filing and list of 20
Largest Creditors
( here )
Thanks to tipster Capnobvious
from Topix Forum Petters Rush
The TRO is specifically for the sake of making sure no
paper trails vanish and no assets vanish.

Speciously, Petters Group Worldwide (PGW) that was
co-founded by Petters and Paul Traub, along with
other entities such as UBid and Fingerhut have now
become the person playground of Doug Kelley and his
chose counsels.

Inexplicably, Doug Kelley was initially engaged as
PGW's counsel - it is absolutely Absurd that he has
now been appointed Receiver at large - who is in turn
deciding what gets sold, who gets to bid and whether
or not any specific entity is placed into bankruptcy.

As a Receiver, by nature, is a defacto Examiner it was
illegal to assign him the status of Trustee in the BK
(see Bankruptcy Code Section 327(f)
Paul Traub committed Fraud/Perjury in eToys and
the DE Dept of Justice gave him immunity. The
issue that he was purportedly in town in August 2008
and that UBid, RedTag, Fingerhut and Enable all
made new deals right before Petters went down - is
highly specious - compounded greatly by Doug
Kelly's apparent lack of remarks thereon!