Polaroid Bankruptcy
Previously reported --- Polaroid Auction is HALTED - (here)

Yet pruported Successful Sale (
here) and Hearing Apr 6 (here)
a Back UP bidder notice is ODD  - Traub often counsels HILCO & GB)

NEWS - Judge approves of hiring KPMG for Polaroid
with a list of Polaroid assets (

GREAT BIG NEWS it appears the
US Trustee's office is seeking a New Trustee (here)
means bye bye to Trustee DK

Meanwhile -akin to Ritchie the Creditors Committee also Objects to
Polaroid sale (
here) & (here)

Mary Jeffries
petitions to hire counsel for Polaroid (here) _???
- Why is MJ doing this and not DK-

Doug Kelley petitions Motion to Sell Tiara Boat for $110,000 (here)
with affidavit (here)

Judge grants Arc Soft for
RELIEF from STAY (here)  Nikon Corporation
to Polaroid Sale (here)

BIGGIE here - Ritchie puts in notice of Motion
to VOID Receivership ab initio (from beginning) (

Receiver DK puts in Motion to Sell CO-RE for $1.5 million ((here)  (here )
Judge approves (here) of Motion (here)

Supplemental to Motion to seek approval of L&V
as attorney for Doug Kelley as Trustee (
BREAKING NEWS 4/3/09 - Polaroid Auction is Halted (here)
--- (more ancient news below)

Summary by Polaroid of Auction events (here)
with Creditor (CC)  Exhibits A
listing Polaroid assets of value (here)
Exhibit CC B proposed asset purchase agreement (here)  Exhibit C (here)

Polaroid makes allegations against Ritchie and Acorn
-- Acorn responds (

Polaroid seeks Special Attorney to handle M O'Shaughnessy (here
Michael O'Shaughnessy Objects to Polaroid sale again (here)
MO having legal background/ specious foresight of Liquidation of Polaroid
seeks Millions
(here) as CC Objects (here)

Witness lists for April 6th hearing Polaroids (here) Acorn's (here)
Acorn continues to Object to Polaroid sale (here)CC witness list (here)
CC Objection details Hilco GB Bids (
here) & (here)
It is noteworthy to point out that Paul Traub a partner in PGW, UBid
and Fingerhut works with Hilco and GB often

Lancelot Receiver notes Auction was a Circus (here)
While Ritchie alleges Bad Faith Acts (
here) with Witness lists (here)
Trustee/Receiver DK Objects to CC and Ritchie Motion 2
here) and Motions 2 approve sale(here)

Polaroid Motion to Expedite contains request to protect Jeffries from
Testifying too much ???? (
Ritchie stipulates
issues on Trustee

Ritchie answers
the Petters

as Ritchie properly
seeks to void DK
ab initio"
(here & here )

Target Stores
Objects to Polaroid
sale issues (

Lindquist & Baer
seek to Quash the
here & here)
Star Tribune
report (

Trustee responds to
Objections of
Creditors Committe
and Lancelot

Everyone Objects to
Polaroid's seeking
to limit scope of Ms
Jeffries testimony
starting with Acorn


Acorn also notes
Polaroid Balance

Acorn also provides
Asset Purchase

Gives great
Polaroid general

with large Detailed
list of Polaroid
Polaroid and its
Creditors seek to
put Polaroid Bids
Under Seal

Welcome to
Absurdia --
Judge Orders
Polaroid Bidding
items to be
L (here)

ST announces (
that although
Brothers was 2nd
the protection for
minor shareholders
was stronger
Patriach Partrners
will most likely
Hilco/GB is
declared the
winner with $85.9
million compound
As Doug Kelley acting as Trustee puts in Response to Insurance
Companies XL & Greenwich
seeking Relief of Stay (here) and Creditors Committe Objects (here)

NEWS April 6th to 13th -- Polaroid's 2nd Auction gets $72 Million
here) & (here)

Now Judge Orders new Auction April 16th(

Dept of Justice cleans up its act
(here) promising to do better (here)

PCI Bankruptcy seeks to do Unusual Biz.ness for Zink Imaging
Mangrove deal
(here) Exhibit (here)

We were informed in Oct 2008 that Petters and Bob White had interest In
Zink Imaging
What else is DK not informing the Public of?
Such items as
Hilco VP  S Cohen - was President PGW and Polaroid (here)
who left this week to new Job (here) (smells like a Traub fish play to us)
Motion to Sell Polaroid Super Camera 20X24 (here)
More info on Super Camera (here)

Acorn Emergency Motion to Stay Polaroid Sale (
here)(here) & (here)
as SEARS Objects to Polaroid failure to Notice (here)
Global/Harmer Objects to Polaroid Sale (

StyleMark seeks to Void Motion to put Bid parts Under SEAL (here)

Polaroid says fraudulent in effort to toss out Ritchie responds (
& Acorn responds (
Order denying Ritchie intervention (here)
- Patriarch Issues/Record of Appeal (
here) & (here)

Appeal Brief Patriarch to halt Polaroid Sale (here) Judge denies
Partriach Motion to freeze (
Doug Kelly law firm puts in Motion to seek
exclusivity time extension to File a Plan (
Strange filing (maybe a mistake) as Clerk noted
DK Objection to US Attorney

Document filed separately DK Affidavit testifying  monies
for Polaroid came from PCI (
This is - of course - a conflict of Interest as DK offers testimony
of "his" research for DK to keep Control

An Examiner CANNOT be a Trustee (Bankruptcy Code 327(f))
and if Petters were personally in Bankruptcy NO need for DK - Period!

Seemingly in Deep worry attacking Ritchie Motions DK
gets US Attorney assistance (
US Attorney also puts in Declaration with details of
Exhibits to prove case for Doug Kelley

EyeWear Objects to Polaroid sale (here)
Polaroid Objects to EyeWear (
BK Judge also grants approval to amend PCI security interest in
ZinkImaging deal
Polaroid and its Committee seek to put Polaroid Bids Under Seal (here)
Welcome to Absurdia = Judge Orders Polaroid Bids UNDER SEAL (here)

Judge Orders  PGW transfer Polaroid Domain names  free/clear (
didn't DK testify all Polaroid items  are PCI deal - not PGW (
Obviously this is because Ritchie is getting new Trustee for PGW
- BS in extremnia
ST announces (here) Hilco/Gordon Brothers  2nd best bid  wins (here)

Asset purchase Agreement (here
(note 2 items deliberately left OUT - per Seal Order)

Patriach Lynn Tilton speaks out
on Polaroid issues  CNBC (

Patriach Lynn Tilton promised TRO (
Exhibits (
here)(here)(here) Transcripts(here)

Amazing how Paul Traub's client Hilco/GB always come out ahead speciously!