Battles with Receiver
First company to [slightly] ignore Receiver
[Domain assets/ d/b/a - CONSOR]
Petitions Petters Bankruptcy Judge for Relief from Stay ( here )
Case Memo of Law on RedTag - Polaroid issues  ( here )
Certificate of Service makes no [direct] mention of Receiver
and no [Direct] Notice to Receiver
( here )
Purportedly, the Receiver will not provide a report until Dec 12th
We anxiously await the Receivers details -- In the meantime,
there is no new News in the Petters cases today (thus far)

Here is the Lancelot MN Dist Court complaint that alleges Racketeering (
here )
thus far Lancelot is the only entity to utilize such an appropriate term)
Petters Company guarantee to Lancelot (
here )
and Petters personal guarantee to Lancelot (
here )
This webmaster cautioned everyone from the onset, that the appointment of a Federal Receiver in
this Petters saga has crossed many lines of legalities.

Including, but not limited to, the fact that the Federal District Court is abusing its discretion, violating
Constitutional mandates and acting in a manner that is beyond anarchy - into gestapo[ism] as the
Justice is handing out judicial immunity as if it were candy
( here ) and ( here )

Previously, this webmaster has remarked that it is only a matter of time before battles between the
MN Dist Ct and the MN Bankruptcy Court transpire. As the Law stipulates that once a bankruptcy filing
occurs - the Federal Receiver is made void (
here ) in accordance with the Code and Rule of LAW.

Hearing that a sale had transpired (and reading about it in a Press release - instead of the Court docket
) - this web-pen; remarked on the total incongruous nature of such an Illegal sale.
Now it seems that the
"gang" has heard the message and the Receiver is actually petitioning the MN
Dist Ct for the right to liquidate a Petters asset
( here )

The problem is (the "
WARNING") being - the Receiver is ILLEGAL, the action to sell an assets prior to a
Creditor's Committee or supplication to the Federal BK Court under
Section 327(a) and Rule 2014
is bogus at best and grossly negligent (boarding on specious willful misconduct)!
The purported request by the Receiver (Douglas Kelley) of the MN Bankruptcy Court - to sell one of
Tom Petter's company assets (
here ) is a WOLF - in sheep's clothing effort - to beguile the proper
review of the totally incongruous authority to sell the assets. If the MN Bankruptcy Court approves
the sale -
in essence - it will be placing a rubber stamp on the [sic]validity of the Receiver (Kelly)
NEWS Petters PCI and US Trustee OBJECT to Rule 2004 Exam (here & here)

NEWS  Sentence guidelines states Petters could get over 200 years ( here )
Acorn has moved to seize Polaroid - Judge has Ordered Dec 5th hearing ( here )
The United States Trustee has put in a Motion for US Trustee and to limit Receiver ( here )
Ritchie Capital Motions for Separate Chapter 11 Trustee's in each Bankruptcy case ( here )
Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors Petition for Extension of Time ( here )
Zenith has petitioned to intervene in the Petter's BK's as the Receiver Objects to Acorn (
NEWS Tom Petters Trial - US Attorney Moves to compel evidence ( here )
Interesting List of Contributors to the Petters Foundation (here )
Sun Country Airlines Bankruptcy was granted permission for a secured Letter of Credit (here)
Many speculate the Judge is permitting Petters to loan himself money,  - T'aint So!
Ritchie Capital OBJECTS
to D K (Douglas Kelley)
being the Trustee in
Petters cases
( here )
Evidently, DK's attorney
has not informed Ritchie
etc., of the Element
Electronics item
Throwing out Congressional intent of the Bankruptcy Code - Entirely -Kelley becomes Trustee and seeks to have Lindquist/ Vennem
appointed as Petters PCI attorney
(here) - Congress made the CODE to assure not even the appearance of impropriety - yet DK/
gang (
who threatened us) makes a mockery of Justice in every conceivable manner - including O"Shaughnessy/ Petter issues -
why even bother with appearances -
Just close the Courts Doors to the Public !!!!!  
The Bankruptcy Code 327(f) (here) stipulates an Examiner CANNOT be/work for Trustee
DK testified (
here) in his Affidavit HE Examined - as defacto Examiner he Cannot be Trustee
(The fact he was hired by PGW first it is appalling) Now DK plays shell games PCI/PGW ??? (here)

Doug Kelley/ Lindquist & Vennum have many Conflicts - DK says Creditors come LAST (here)
Currently US Trustee MOTION 2 Elect New (properly Disinterested) Trustee (here)
As in Madoff/Dreier - someone needs to put Petters into Personal BK (here) (here)
which would be a good legal step to Void Receiver altogether  -- (in a proper world of justice)