About Us
Our efforts are to provide those harmed by Petters, Traub and possibly
Hedge Fund fraud - is an early Warning - an insight - into the bad faith
dealings that are prevelant throughout the rogue elements within the
Federal System of Justice.

We can only try to inform and educate the reader by giving all the Court
docket record proofs of cronyism and corruption in the DE Federal
System of Justice and how rogue personnel within the Dept of Justice
will Break the Law for cronyism [or worse] sake!

It is a simple matter of common sense and math, billions of dollars are
at stake here with the persons in charge being paid an annual salary of
$140,000 on average and Cayman Island issues already here!
The simple question one has to ask oneself is

How much money would it take to corrupt a Federal employee.

The recent cases of Abramoff, Sen Stevens and items such as NJ - show that it
can occur by $20,000 or $200,000.

There are tens of millions and hundreds of millions of dollars at play here.

Could you turn down a Million Dollar Bribe to look the other way?????