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Petters Ponzi ISLAND Pictures (here)
on eToys (here)

Traub's other partner
-- Tom Petters (
PGW (here)
Paul Traub (here)

Paul Traub
was given illegal immunity
after he confessed to
17 false affidavits (

Doug Kelley has
Judicial Immunity
- does it matter
if he is Kosher?

DK's bogus sale and dealings
with Polaroid gave
Petters partner - Paul Traub
(thru Hilco/ Gordon Bros.)
even though they were 2nd
highest bidders
Without ANY due process
on UCC1 of Acorn
or Ritchie loans
Petters Criminal issues below
with more criminal trial history

Lindquist & Vennum
are now in charge of all the
Records of Petters -
whilst Lindquist & Vennum
threatens this Webmanager
stating falsely Petters
had no involvement
w/Element Electronics
evidence to the contrary

Lindquist & Vennum
also represents
Michael O'Shaughnessy's
interest (note pg 10 (here))

Obfuscate endeavor to snow
everyone with the request to hire
Special Counsel to handle
O'Shaugnessy matters (here)

Doug Kelley
hired by Petters PGW
Violating all Ethic/ Model Rules -

Doug Kelley hand picks Jeffries
for Polaroid and says she is not
under investigation
(Under what Authority?)

Evidence from the  
MN US Attorney
that Frank Vennes
purportedly knew
of the Fraud
in Dec 2007 (here)

Michael O'Shaughnessy
has a contract on Polaroid
liquidation from Dec 2007

President Obama signs
New Anti-Fraud Bill into Law

New US Attorney for MN
Email Webmaster with tips or questions at Laser@petters-fraud.com (here) or anonymously  ( here )
Great Charts
on Petters' related
( here ) & (here)
See REAL Story
how MN DOJ & Federal Court
is stealing the balance of assets
from Petters victims
Stop the Petters Scam ( here )

A Receiver cannot be a Trustee
here) & (here)



Publicly Published
stories of the
Cronyism of
MN Justice Ann Montgomery
that has become
Here *

Current Trial Sketches by
City Pages (here)

Petters Trial  
previous Links and stories here)
SEC complaint (
Topix Poll on whether or not Petters/cohorts guilty (here)
News Probable connection between Rothstein and Petters ( see comments Discala (here)
Petters found Guilty on all 20 Counts (here) (here) (here) (here) (here)
Early MN Post Articles on Petters (here)good reading
BREAKING NEWS  --- Laser's letter to MN US Attorneys who are in on 2nd FRAUD (here)
This webmaster shook Doug Kelly's (DK) hand making him mad warning DK the True battle is now ON!
Time to get aggressive against Organized Crime in our Courts of  MN Judges & DK
Doug Kelley told me to "
Bring it on" - implying he would teach me a lesson
So here you go Mr. Kelley -- your very own "
Bring it on" website
and it is JUST the beginning ---  

Great information on how cronyism of MN Judge ADM has become Corruption

Doug Kelley, using Petters  Lancelot Trustee are suing Ritchie Capital and managers
The message being - Let us steal your assets or we will Destroy you! ( here ) ( here ) & ( here )
NEWS  ---- Docu Drama Premier of Second Fraud Movie a HUGE Success!!!!!!
See  Public's reaction on YouTube ( here ) Details of 2nd Fraud Movie ( here )( here ) & ( here )
Doug Kelley worries ---
National Press begins to Report story of the  2nd Fraud ( here )
Federal Receiver Douglas Kelley and his cronies are Panicking
Doug Kelley Motion Promising to Plead all Petters' companies Guilty - (here)(here) (here)
There was a National Press Club Symposium on the Federal Court Corruption
see the wonderful insights by a True Washington insider www.justice-integrity.org

Huntington Post article on Doug Kelley fleecing of Creditors & Victims ( here )
Censored News ( here )  - Wayne Madden Report Members ( here ) - Radio Show ( here )
BusinessWeek on Doug Kelley going after profit & investments ( here ) ( here)
Most of our readership has No idea who Stevanovich is - we are getting tips for updates
WOW  -
Petters PCI files Bankrupty
as Kelley seeks another
$1.6 million in fees (
Est $10 million
$1m Vennes) in fees in
Petters related cases if they
every catch up
with previous fee requests
here) (here) (here) & (here)
PONZI Schemer
gets 3 years probation
and then is arrested  (

Those who receive INTEREST
payments on Ponzi Schemes
MUST return the money Even if they
Lose All Original investmen
as a simple matter of Law
Consult your ATTORNEY

Greta Van Susteren
got the shaft (twice)
in Slatkin Ponzi
( here ) ( here ) ( here )

Petter's partner Paul Traub
has another partner who  
pleads guilty (
here) & (here)

Letters about Petters/Dreier
and their partner Traub
as Affidavit
AG Holder (here
to Senator Feinstein (here)
Doug Kelley puts in Motion
for Nov 2008 legal fees
for Wolter

Affidavit Doug Kelley for
Attorney fees details (here)

BK Judge denies Break Up
Fees of Polaroid deal (here)

David Haas (no relation) website
of Legal Definitions
Note the Conflict of Interest &
Conspiracy definitions
MN should learn from
Florida Dist Ct Judge
scorning Receiver for
Conflicts of Interest
NEWS  Amazing hidden secrets revealed.  

Former Court  Receiver gets 10 years ( here ) O'Shaughnessy testimony raises serious questions
Great Balls Afire - BK Ct may get it right (
Here ) Denny Hecker life size Elvis may go to Bank
Tom Petters files appeal - states trial was in bad faith.
Reuters Story ( here ) Bloomberg ( here ) as Hedge Fund Auditor settles Petters case ( here )
Meanwhile Petters is headed to Leavenworth Prison ( here ) Public Radio talk ( here )

Lindquist & Vennum testified Falsely O'Shaughnessy etc Element Electronics not tied to Petters

Receiver Doug Kelley seeks to keep secret and put Under Seal his Rule 2004 investigation
Catain sentencing Sept 13 - his arguments  ( here ) ( here ) US Attorney Response on Catain (here )
Denny Hecker loses his fight to get $1 million dollar consulting gig ( here )

Sentencing Hearing dates for Petters Co-Conspirators are set  (
here )
Greg Bell first and is likely to get equal to or more than Petters $10 million + missing? ( here )
Bell issues SEC (
here ) He is just a patsy who worked in a Pharmacy?  Bell remission issue ( here )

Deanna Coleman date (
here )   Greg Bell's Harold Katz date ( here )
Larry Reynolds Sentencing Date ( here )  Wehmhoff Date ( here )
Robert White Date (
here ) White's argue ( here )  US Attorney Response on White ( here )

Current Trial Sketches by AVIDOR (here)(here)
City Pages (here)

Petters Trial  previous
Links and stories
SEC complaint (

See Ritchie Attorney - Garrett Vail BADGE of HONOR
Judge threatened Vail - while he defended his client and 2 more US Marshals came into the
to make Judge Kyle's point clear See local News Story ( here )
All the parties that plead guilty - have been sentenced!
Greg Bell only gets 6yrs & his wife still has $10 mil hidden off shore Isle of Mann