Our systems of Justice are well aware of attorney bankruptcy fraud
they coined a name for such organized criminality


3rd Circuit remarks Congressional insight of Bankruptcy Organized Crime known as a
Bankruptcy Ring
(see  Congress's remarks on attorneys corrupting bankruptcies in the
case of
In re Arkansas (here) Wall St Journal notes UCLA Law Professor Lynn
LoPucki's report of Bankruptcy Judges Routinely making - illegal rulings
My Great Web page
Jay Salmen was just handed Sun Country Airlines for Free - WHY?
 Second Fraud Movie
Paul Traub owns UBid, RedTag, Fingerhut with petters - yet they/he are ???
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I get all this and the POTUS - Too - Hot Damn!
Doug Kelley gets illegal judicial immunity from Judge and willful blindness of US Trustee
Too Big to Fail &
Too Big to Jail
U.S. Attorney
Colm Connolly
Tom Petters lost his US Supreme Ct Appeal
Romney is a Racketeering Boss - and Paul Traub is one of his Nitti's
In 2008 Bain Cap. & Goldman Sachs gave Fingerhut $50 Million and
a change of ownership occurs. The Feds then
NEVER seized Fingerhut!
U.S. Att Colm Connolly
Oct. 7, 2011- DailyKos Cordgrass via "AlterNet" How to Bring Down Goldman Sachs
(for eToys IPO frauds)
How Laser Haas learned to properly fight Mitt Romney & Gang
In honor of the Senate naming July 30, 2016 as the day to commemorate whistleblower's, I did then file a letter with United States Attorney
General, Loretta Lynch, requesting she investigate/indict Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Mitt Romney, Paul Traub and others involved in the
racketeering of our eToys related cases - or that she arrest me for my allegations being false.

Laser Haas's letter to USAG, of July 30, 2016, daring the DOJ to arrest somebody, even if it is whistleblower Laser Haas

                      Laser Haas Supports Tom Petters U.S. Supreme Court Petition (here)

Prior to this time, yours truly, going through both Petters daughter and Petters attorney, we asked why Tom Petters keeps hands off on
the corruption. It now seems that Tom Petters "gets" it - that his only way out (
actually what got him there in the 1st place) is the federal
corruption. There are several major issues at hand. Including Department of Justice cover ups and
Judge Kyle issues of conflicts! (Thomas
Petters has also filed a request that Judge Kyle be recused from his prosecution case

First of all, even the (improper) fed Receiver (Doug Kelley) is on the record that Paul Traub controlled Tom Petters. There's also the issue
that Minnesota Assistant United States Attorney (J. Lackner) was head of the DOJ Crime Division, who also had a brother (Marty Lackner -
see at bottom) - who was involved in the PONZI. Larry (Reservitz) Reynold's laundered $12 Billion, for Traub/Petters Ponzi, while Larry
himself was in the Witness Protection Program (WISTEC).
FACT 1 - Ritchie Capital & related lost over $150 million funding Polaroid
FACT 2 -
Paul Traub and Tom Petters funded Polaroid by the Ponzi Scheme
FACT 3 - Petters attorney, Doug Kelley, switched sides and became Receiver
FACT 4 -
Polaroid was seized and sold at auction to 2nd Highest Bidder = Traub
FACT 5 - Traub arranged $50 million loan for his & Petters Fingerhut mid-2008
FACT 6 -
Fingerhut NEVER was seized by the Feds or the Receiver
FACT 7 - J. Lackner was MN. Asst. U.S. Attorney & former head of Crime Division
FACT 8 -
Marty Lackner was the brother of MN. Asst. U.S. Attorney J. Lackner
FACT 9 - Greg Bell was a feeder fund of Petters Ponzi and Marty was his partner
FACT 10 -
Marty Lackner was never indicted, nor assets seized and commits suicide
Additionally, the Receiver and Feds are telling the public that the Tom Petters Ponzi is a $3.7 million scheme.


Mike Catain boasts of laundering $10 Billion and Larry Reynolds boast of laundering $12 Billion. While both are doing
their time in prison, the TRustee in the Polaroid case is also upon the public record stating that Tom Petters Ponzi is
actually over $40 Billion (see Law360 website -
here). And Larry ("Reservitz") Reynolds laundered his while in

It seems to me that Tom Petters is on the right path, but like the legal eagle experts, half ass in so doing. Judge Kyle
has many glaring issues, including the new one pointed out by Petters of Judge Kyle's son's name being removed.

How does a $40 - $50 Billion Ponzi get report as only $3.7 Billion
Surely couldn't have anything to do with MN. Asst. U.S. Attorney J. Lackner
and Paul Traub being involved!

Seems to me that Ritchie Capital is better off suing his lawyers for not being the geniuses worth millions in fees!
Ritchie should (and probably could have) started their very own law firm with the money that's gone to the wind.

Legal minds aren't dumb - but they are surely sneaky & shady at times. Ritchie Capital is "marked" to lose - always.
and some of the people making such a "mark" are the very people swearing an oath to protect to the best of their..

I'm just sayin.....
Petters Federal Trustee & Reciever (Doug Kelley) alleges correctly that  Paul Traub duplicit in Petters Ponzi Schemes
Star Tribune Paul Traub Story (here) Traub/ Marc Dreier Story (

Prior to Tom Petters arrest - Paul Traub arranged for his other secret clients  (Bain & Goldman Sachs) to loan Fingerhut $50 million and change the ownership
see detailed story [here]). Mitt Romney still gets Millions of dollars per year from Bain Thus Mitt continuously benefits from Bain Frauds
Paul Traub is a Racketeering Partner of Mitt Romney's working for him since (at least) Stage Stores
DE & MN Federal System of Justice is hiding the fact that Tom Petters = Paul Traub = Mitt Romney
Federal Receiver/ Trustee - Doug Kelley - Sued Paul Traub June 2012 (here)
Paul Traub is named as "
controller" of Tom Petters Ponzi

Ritchie Capital is a punching bag of the Petters Ponzi Corrupt Judicial Process

It amazes this webmaster to see "legal" wrangling extraordinary, with brilliant attorneys at law acting dumb while running
their clients around in circles. Every time Ritchie Capital angles a new legal pathway to justice for the many tens of millions
lost in the Tom Petters Ponzi - the perverted systems of justice find a new way to say go pound sand!

Even when Ritchie Capital was encouraged by the recent Minn. Ct. ruling on the fact
that there's open questions on "Ponzi Presumption" - Ritchie Capital still pounds sand

Marty Lackner actually is the brother of Minnesota Assistant U.S. Attorney J. Lackner

it is a fact that Marty was involved in Petters Ponzi.
Isn't such dynamics a News worthy subject?
Marty was involved in the Petters Fraud case via Greg Bell
Many questions will not get answered due to the fact apropos
of Marty's (purported) suicide (here)
Certainly, yours truly is no legal genius.
But it doesn't take a genius to see how rotten this MN. Dem"marks" of iniquity is.

You have Capone's attorney turn on Capone (and everyone else) becoming a federal Receiver over Capone's case.
This is made sardonic by the fact Judge Kyle, who appointed the Nitti Receiver, is seen all over town celebrating their
coup over the Petters Ponzi victims by doing a 2nd Fraud of sorts. Where - in reality - the system is saying the
victims never matter. All that does matter, is how much  good ole boys are going to get paid, pretending a clean up.

Paul Traub, who is fully noted as the "controller" of Petters Ponzi by the Receiver, arranges for a $50 million new
loan (see Tribune
here)  for Fingerhut (changing ownership to Ted Deikel) -
coincidently just before FBI raids Petters Ponzi.

And Fingerhut is then NEVER seized by the J. Lackner feds.
Meanwhile, with other Capone/Nitti chicanery goings on,
Polaroid is seized by the feds
and sold in a sham auction for only $83 million
to the second highest bidders of Gordon Brothers/Hilco
- who just so happen to be Paul Traub partners.

Then Traub becomes co-principal with Gordon Brothers
who announces a $2 Billion license deal.


- Geniuses!