Frank Vennes & Palm Beach Issues
Many have contacted us with issues concerning Frank Vennes, Palm Beach Links Capital and Petters Capital of Chicago

This page will endeavor to address the many items presented. Our recent assistant Grace has found too many Palm Beach entities to
list. The ones we will concentrate upon primarily are the Petters Palm Beach entities, along with Palm Beach Links Capital (PBL
Capital) of Dallas Texas - as well as Palm Beach of Florida and Palm Beach of Incline Village Nevada. Purportedly, Frank Vennes
originally met with David Harrold and Bruce Prevost of PBL Capital that is managed by Steve Cammack whom we know of from the
infamous Finova bankruptcy case in Delaware. After we began our reports of these particular issues and PBL's continuous criminal
efforts, including padding false profits and failing to disclose Mr. Cammack's prior history to Finova and the on going issues of Mr.
Cawley ( ) speciously, the PBL website was yanked Off the air. We have informed the Justice Dept and the SEC
of our findings and tips - while everyone is awaiting the results of the investigations into the
Frank Vennes relationships - for - purportedly, Palm Beach set up the Fund strictly to do Petters

Frank Vennes's gem (here) a Metro Gem testimony and wryly ironic reflection of how things really were

MN US Attorney gives permission to DK legal fees (here) and then puts in notes on Petters & Vennes Legal (here)(here)
Frank Vennes and his designates are continuously having meetings informing family, friends and investors -assuaging
them from going to authorities by stating, Bogusly, that the he is innocent & will return them 90% and that the Dept of
Justice falsified the subpoena just to create chaos! - Many are hesitating in coming forward and are risking being an
accessory before and after the fact to money laundering, wire fraud, mail fraud and MisPrision of a Felony So the
question is will Vennes serve them up while they listen to his BS -- or will they wake up and save themselves!
We beseech those that Frank Vennes loaned money to and persuaded to participate to come forward and go to the

At the barest of minimums, they should contact an attorney, (though we are told many cannot afford to do so).

Understandably they are concerned they will be caught up in all this - the fact of the matter is - you already are, there
are literally dozens of agencies, parties, entities and persons investigating where all the money came and went to. Hoping
that you will not be discovered is an effort to Obstruct Justice.

Please, we Beg You - come forward and reveal everything you know - the feds will know all and your only hope is to come
Forward first. You can help your family, friends and neighbors - for you will be surprised at how many there are!
FV's Metro Gold seeks collection against elderly hospitalized &
then has property seized from his estate
Vennes petition for
Fees Dead mans Estate
Other websites are watching (here)