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Marc Dreier is already caught red-handed, arrested and likely going to Prison

The purpose of this website is to give those interested in facts and pleadings
a place to come to where we will do our utmost to provide just Facts

We are concerned, that Marc Dreier's partner - Paul Traub
who was caught red-handed in Perjury & Fraud in 2004/2005
was given a cakewalk of implied, immunity by the Dept of Justice

Traub immediately tested the impunity and committed another $100 million in fraud in 2005

Obviously - had he been investigated then - Dreier might not have achieved such heights
Marc Dreier was placed into personal bankruptcy (here)

We will be posting pleadings - client lists, investors harmed etc.

If anyone has anything germane and wishes to remain anonymous

Please feel free to contact us at

As you can see by our website - we will only post verifiable facts

and while we are worried about rogue elements in the Dept of Justice or worse
we believe the new Administration to be sincere and wish to assist Justice