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NEWS  - SEC Charges Marc Dreier with selling false Promissary Notes -(sound familiar)
-Press Release (
here) & Complaint (here)

The Creditors in the Marc Dreier Ponzi scheme are much more aware of the need to be proactive
they seek to put Marc Dreier into personal bankruptcy (

We noted months ago that the Creditors in the Petters debacle should be putting him into personal
bankruptcy - even if the Court defies the Law and permits Douglas Kelley to be the Trustee, the fact of
the matter is - in Bankruptcy - all things will be forced to be public and any violations of such would
provide all parties the right to appeal any item - such as the appointment of Kelley as Trustee
For the curious minded a
drafting by Traub of Petters
PillowTex failed bid
NEWS - Paul Traub's other partner
Marc Dreier released on bail and
Arrested again in New York (
& Complaint (