Tom Petters Criminal Issues
Bail Pleas and Vennes issues

Petters petitions with Motion for the Criminal Court to re-address Petters request for Bail again (here) and (here)
Petters attorney Hopeman puts in his 2nd major plea to get paid to represent Petters (here & here)
Judge Order Petters Attorneys must stay regardless of pay issues

Petters files approx 2000 pages in Motions seeking Freedom or cozy jail surroundings (here)
Motion by Petters to seek Venue Change (here) (DENIED)

Motion for Exculpatory [Brady] Material (here) Memo of Law on Brady Material (here)
Motion to Compel Discovery and Inspection of US Attorney material (here) Memo of Law on (here)

Petters Motion for Jencks Act Material (here) Motion for Rough Notes (here)
Motion to learn informations are part of WTISEC (here) Motion on Suitability of Informants (here)

Petters Motion 119 Disclosure Rule 404 (here) Motion 120 former FBI Fisher for Petters (here)
Petters Motion 121 for Bill of Particulars (here) Petters Motion 122 Voir Dire (here)

Motion 123 by Petters for Peremptory Challenges of Jury due to Publicity (here)
Petters Motion 124 Juror Questionaire (here) 125 to Suppress Evidence 4400 Baker Rd (here)

Motion 127 to Suppress Evidence 655 Bushway RD (here) Motion 129 to Suppress McDade (here)
Petters Motion 131 to Suppress Petters statements in Las Vegas (here)
NEWS - Petters Criminal Trial current issues and efforts Judge Denies all Petters Motions (here)

US Attorney Responds to Petters Pretrial Motions (here) Previously Petters Attorney wins many Motions/
submits supplemental (
here)Jury items (here) NOW - Petters attorney submits New request to dismiss due to
Receiver/USA relentless hampering (
here) Exhibit showing USA meddling (here) Petters appeals rulings (here)

US Attorney seeks forfeit  (here) - lists Prosecution Exhibits (here)response to Petters  Motions (here)
US Attorney also Objects to Motion to reschedule Trial dates (

Petters Motion to Dismiss the case
 (here) (here) & (here)
Petters Attorney Hopeman puts in Motion to Withdraw as Petters attorney (
Petters Attorney argues about refusal to pay his legal fees (here)

FINALLY -- Judge Montgomery permits Petters attorney to be paid
as the Judge states the FACT- Petter is to be presumed innocent
and the Receiver may not treat him as convicted in advance
- DUH!!!!

Larry Reynolds seeks to modify  conditions to keep house for wife (here)
USA Objects(
here)LR responds (here)
Judge OK's Larry Reynolds requests to modify bail (here)
Petters Personal Trial items of

Former Asst US Attorney Jon
Hopeman (
here ) FAILS to obtain
Petters release

Petters previous Fraud in
Colorado UNsealed (
Here )

US Attorney Exhibit List MN
Petters Indictment
( here )
redacted 1 thru 6 version

PHONE  record Exhibits  13  (
here ) & ( here ) redacted version
(details of who called who

Original Warrant for Arrest
Petters and Reynolds (
here )

Petters Objection to being held
without Bail (
here )

US Attorney request for
Extension to Indict Petters (
Petters joined (agreed) with
USA Extension Motion
Petters agrees w/ US Attorney NOT to
seek Speedy Trial (
here )

US Attorney notice of intent to
gather hidden properties for
forfeiture DO & MN properties (

Hearing (here) & attorney in Petters
Criminal Trial (
here )  Order for
Vennes items (
here )

Indictment of Petters Co-conspirator
James Wehmhoff (
here )
J Wehmhoff Objects to Receiver's
refusal to pay Taxes (
here )
Plea hearing for Wehmhoff as he is
released on Bail (
here)& ( here )
Petters Criminal Trial Judge sets
Status Conference Hearing
 ( here )

Petters Motion that Dept of
Justice has premature
declaration of Victory

CATAIN files an Appeal  (
corrects it (
here) with Memo of Law
why (
History USA Successfully seeks to
Catain's bail (here)(here) & (
here )

Petters stays put (here) and Judge
edits Petters for Feb 25 (
and Petters gets Another
attorney (

Petters Motion that Dept of
Justice has premature
declaration of Victory

      Petters original
Indictment and Forfeiture
Notice ( here )
Tom Petters Indictment was
originally postponed until
Now ( here )
Original warrant for Petters
arrest ( Here )
Petters Objection to being
held no bail ( here )

INDICTMENT  ( here ) assigned to
Judge Richard H. Kyle
referred to Magistrate Judge Arthur
J. Boylan
by USA John R. Marti, Timothy C.
Rank, Joseph T. Dixon, III and John
as to Thomas Joseph Petters (1)
counts 1-7, 8-10, 11, 12, 13-20,
Petters Company, Inc. (2) counts 1-7,
8-10, 11, 12,
Petters Group Worldwide, LLC (3)
counts 1-7, 8-10, 11, 12.
Forfeiture Allegations as Counts 1
through 20 of this Indictment. (LEG)
General info - germane issues

Judge Denies Petters Motion to Suppress Evidence (

NEWS Petters criminal Trial seeks to put pleading
Under Seal (here) Judge Grants Motion  (here)

Judge Reviews Continuance
(here) as ST reports Judges will Not allow Petters attorney to Quit

US Attorney responds to Petters (
here) Motion to Dismiss (here)
US Attorney provides letters of Petters Attorney (
here) & (here)
Oddly Transcript excerpt implies hidden witness issues (

List of Creditors in Petters cases -
as many persons are being stymied by feeder funds
as to whether or not they are being protected by their fund managers
The Creditors Matrix (here)

Petters Insurance Co puts in Motion Relief of Stay to Pay Insurance
(here) policy (here)
The public, employees, bidders and Creditors are still in the dark
about many of Petters Companies
Issues such as RedTag, UBid, Fingerhut, Palm Beach, Element, etc.,