Receiver's Questionable actions
Receiver's Inadequate Reporting

Also there was NO press report about
Petters selling his position in Fingerhut
- yet Fingerhut Petters is a minor owner
and that it has a new "
private" investor
Paul Traub's  BAIN & Goldman Sachs
(please see DOJ Corruption with Traub (
here ))

Does anyone besides this webmaster
find it highly specious that Mary Jeffries
resigns from Petters Group Worldwide
in order to take top job at Polaroid
while keeping millions in bonuses
as the Receiver says it is O K?

Under WHAT Legal Authority does the
Receiver rush & endeavor to Indemnify Mary
Jeffries (
here) stating she is Not under
investigation as the Receiver keeps Polaroid as
"his" dealing?

At the same time the Creditors are refused
review of Petters accounts bank accounts
and told by the Receiver's counsel
that they are wasting their time
as there' is only $9,000 left
(pg 14 (
here ))
Receiver succeeds

in getting Federal Order to "stay" anyone
from suing Petters for 60 days
Whilst the Receiver rushes to sell and
bankrupt Petters companies at his own will

It is only a matter of time before some
good counsel wakes up
and puts Tom Petters personally into
involuntary bankruptcy
voiding the Receiver and making All
(Polaroid/Sun etc) KOSHER
American BAR
discussion on
Federal Court

ABA states a
Federal Receiver
is void once a
bankruptcy case
( here )
Unfortunately for America

The Press has lost all sense of ability to
ask questions or pursue
a Watergate type investigation (
into obvious bad faith acts.
Due to this webmaster's experience
with corruption one is therefore
emboldened to pose the questions
others may fear to ask -
it is much better to be scorned then to
permit mendacity success
( here )
Receiver Attorney Threatens this webmaster

As a holiday gesture the Lindquist/Vennum firm, that is working for the Petters Receiver Douglas Kelley -sent this warning to the
Petters-Fraud website - "
I am  the attorney for Element Electronics, LLC. -- You are hereby advised to cease and desist from including
Element Electronics on your website and your failure to promptly comply with this notice will be actionable by Element Electronics".

Our response was detailed, pointing out that we are well aware that
Element Electronics is now an  O"Shaughnessy Holding Company.

However, as many of you are aware, at one time the Element Electronics website  did state it was a Petters affiliate.
More importantly, Petters did claim to have a vested interest in Element.

Despite the fact that such info appears to have vanished, I did warn this attorney, sending copies to the US Attorney etc
., that I felt his threat could border on
- as there is ample proof out there to the contrary that Petters was vested in Element -------(this needs investigation)
EXAMPLE from Lancelot of Legitimate
Billings for fees by Details
here)(here) and (here)
Star Tribune Mr. Phelps on Receivers large billings(here)

Receiver Billings also receives National Press (here)
MN has the power and authority to dole out its legal matters to whom it will


Doing so while violating every ethical standard drafted by Congress
that we know from past experience is detrimental to innocent parties

Remains an Intolerable issue

They may hate this webmaster for pointing out there arrogance

no more than this webmaster finds it inexplicable that the Law would be perverted twice
at the direct material adverse harm to victims of fraud and mendacity

History of what is really going on is Doug Kelley was Originally hired by PGW (
Hence it is ABSURD that he is appointed as Receiver or Trustee

Lancelot bankruptcy in Illinois appointed their Receiver causing Panic in MN
This was followed up by MN Judge ADM appointing Doug Kelley as Receiver
purportedly - initially due to FBI to protect any files or assets from vanishing) (here)

The Dept of Justice and American Bar Assoc state - a Receiver cannot be a Trustee  (here) & (here)
Bogus Judicial Immunity (here) & (here) - the PLOT Thickens as the sharks devour innocents - Again!

Doug Kelley working for PGW
- then as Receiver - then as Trustee -- is absolutely ludicrous
NEWS BREAK - SEC report on Jeffries/Baer stock options in PGW (here)
SEC Info report on PGW/Polaroid listing OShaughnessy, Baer as Governor and Petters only PGW (here)

WSJ Finally begins to report Petters Fraud Story (here) Polaroid Auction Story (here)
- April 30th hearing to finalize Polaroid Auction (here) 1st Supplemental (here)

Battle heats up to pick NEW Trustee over PGW -Ritchie Objects to DK attorney Fees (here)
then Creditors Committee Objects to Ritchie in effort to Block Ritchie vote(s)
on Trustee (here)
Ritchie responds frustrated (here) Ritchie sought clean Trustee (here)
April 22 election - truly Disinterested Trustee for PGW (here)
Ritchie versus Trustee (here) Appeal Brief (here) Exhibit of Transcripts (here)(here) & (here)

Polaroid (DK) Object (
here) & (here) Judge DeniesMotion to Stay Polaroid sale (here)
MinnWest Bank Motions to intervene (
here) Memo of Law (here) Exhibit A Loan (here)